Acuerdo por $1 000 000; responsabilidad del establecimiento por resbalón y caída. D. S., un conductor de autobús de 60 años de edad, se ofreció como instructor en un campamento de verano para los niños del centro de la ciudad, en el Angeles Forest. Mientras caminaba hacia el comedor, pisó un bache de lodo en un camino del campo que había sido recientemente reparado, y se cayó, rompiéndose… his left leg. The fracture was severe, requiring the insertion of a rod and multiple other surgeries, and D.S. suffered a permanent limp. The camp and the contractor who’d performed the road repairs denied responsibility for D.S.’s injuries, claiming it was all his fault. Kuzyk Law took the case, and after filing a lawsuit, discovered that the hole D.S. had stepped in was an uncovered vault containing a valve for a recently installed fire hydrant, and that the cover was being used as a doorstop in a nearby building. After this revelation, the insurance companies for the camp and the contractor jointly paid $1,000,000 to settle the case.